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John's evil plans for world domination start here! (He is a Moriarty, after all) In reality, John is a commercial illustrator whose work has been used for book and movie covers, game cards, ads, posters, toys, concept art and websites. His illustrative work is done traditionally in acrylics, as well as digitally. He also has a degree in graphic design from the Hussian School of Art.

His artistic influences range from fantasy artists such as Brom, the Brothers Hildebrandt, and Todd Lockwood to comic artists Jim Lee and Joe Madureira, and even the visuals in movies, cartoons, and video games. Well, that's his excuse for watching and playing those all the time. He just enjoys seeing cool visuals, then goes about making his own! His favorite subject matter to work with include animals (mostly armored monkeys), attractive ladies, and evil monsters